IAD - International is an Ivorian non-governmental organization that was established after the civil and military crisis occurred in Ivory Coast in September 2002. Originally called NGO "Aidons les déplacés", it aims to provide an urgent response to support Internal Displaced Personns (IDPs) who fled their usual areas of residence because of fighting and security risks.

Since 2014, following the evolution of development issues and humanitarian emergencies in Cote d'Ivoire, and with its experience of over 10 years, the NGO has strengthened its areas of intervention and its portfolio of activities in order to further contribute significantly to improving the living conditions of populations, and a broader level in Sub-Saharian Africa (SSA).

Highlights of the NGO's activities since its creation to date are presented below:

2002-2005: Responsive activities for victims of the attempted coup in September 2002 and first steps towards the establishment of the NGO

2006: Creation of the NGO "Aidons les déplacés" and starting of activities

2009: Effective start of projects (HIV / AIDS project "Abidjan-Lagos")

2014: Change of the NGO's denomination for " African Initiative for Development (IAD) - International "