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Welcome from President

In a constantly changing world, characterized by economic and sociopolitical repeated crises, particularly in Africa, before any effective response by African leaders for the sustainable resolution of these hotbeds of tension, some questions arise: how to provide support to the thousands victims on the continent? How to solve the equation of restoring human dignity in those countries where war and poverty have virtually ruined any hope?

The answers to these questions are modestly motivations that led to the creation in 2006 of the Non Governmental Organization (NGO) "Aidons les déplacés".
Nine years later, the NGO "Aidons les déplacés" adapts to new global realities while broadening its reach. It changes its name and becomes "Initiative Africaine pour le Développement - International" (NGO IAD-International).

Now the focus is on "sustainable development" by reintegration, into the socioeconomic community, of people at risk, persons made vulnerable by all these crises and disasters, including young people and women who are most numerous.

However, the areas of intervention remain the same:
  • Assistance to vulnerable people, particularly displaced persons and refugees, both nationally and internationally.
  • Help to providing health care to poor people.
  • Contribution to the policy of education for all (EFA).
The NGO "Initiative Africaine pour le Développement - International" is fully committed to the restoration of human dignity in disaster areas and at risk, and in this context, is open to any cooperation and support as part of its activities. See you soon then!

Humanitarian Involvement

Our first humanitarian commitment is to make accessible and understandable the basic issues and principles, specific rules concerning humanitarian law, to all stakeholders of our interventions and to all those who are interested to.
IAD International refers in particular to humanitarian law to ensure the independence and efficiency of its humanitarian assistance activities targeted individuals and communities victim of conflicts.

Conflict victims

In coordination with the ICRC, the Red Cross of Cote d'Ivoire is in charge of the planning for all operations assistance for the victims of conflicts, natural disasters and other humanitarian emergencies. It identifies in this sense the most vulnerable households who have experienced these situations, including households headed by widows or divorced women only, or both of whose parents have no regular income sources. IAD International is proud to contribute to these initiatives as part of its humanitarian activities.


IAD - International is open to partnerships with non-governmental organization, development agencies, social or private enterprise operating worldwide.
To become the NGO partner, simply access the "Partnership" page and follow the procedure.
If you want to financially support our activities, you also have the option to donate by following the procedure explained on the page "Donations".

Ongoing Projects

No current project.